Monday, 8 April 2013

[Release] Dragonball Z Battle of Gods English Dub [Funimation]

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Total Downloads : 392

How big is the Download?

700mb. The file has been compressed massively.

Is this Legal?


How much does it cost?

The Download is currently Free.

How do i receive the free 5$ if i am unhappy?

E-mail your PayPal iD to

Why can i Download the Movie?

Your iP has been detected malicious or dangerous.

The daily download limit has been hit.

We may begin to charge for the service. As of now it is free.

How did you get the English Dub?

We privately contacted the official voice actors. In some cases we had to contact doubles

Does the movie have English subtitles?

Yes, however the current translation is in its Beta Form

[Release] Dragonball Z Battle of Gods English Dub [Funimation]